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UpSet.js is a re-implementation of UpSetR to create interactive set visualizations for more than three sets

Web Frameworks

UpSet.js has adapters to web frameworks: React, Vue.js, and a generic Vanilla adapter, which just requires a DOM element.


UpSet.js has integrations to data science tools: Observable HQ, R, Python Jupyter, PowerBI, and Tableau.

Demo Application

UpSet.js has a demo application supporting loading custom datasets, exploring them, sharing, and exporting them.

Inspired by IEEEVIS publication

UpSet.js is a JavaScript re-implementation of UpSetR which itself is based on UpSet.


UpSet.js supports selections and queries, which allows you to highlight elements interactively.

Written in TypeScript

Written in TypeScript

Developed using latest web technologies and written in clean TypeScript.