UpSet.js as Tableau Extension

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This repository contains a Tableau extension for showing UpSet.js plots in Tableau dashboards.

This package is part of the UpSet.js ecosystem located at the main Github Monorepo.



  1. Download the extension description file at upsetjs.trex
  2. Create a new dashboard and show at least one sheet in the dashboard
  3. Follow and choose the downloaded file
  4. Use the configure button or the configure menu entry to specify the input data


Due to the restrictions of the dashboard extension system, you need to have at least one sheet in the dashboard that is showing the target data. For example, as in the Game of Thrones dataset one a bar chart showing the number of words spoken per character. The extension is then linked to this sheet and will get its data and selection from it. Similarly, the extension will set the selection in this sheet which then can propagate it to other sheets using dashboard actions.



Dev Environment


alternatively one can append #mock to use mock data to test the extension in the web browser. It is based on a dump of the Game of Thrones dashboard.

npm i -g yarn
yarn set version berry
yarn install
yarn pnpify --sdk vscode


yarn lint
yarn build


use release-it

yarn release

Privacy Policy

UpSet.js is a client only library. The library or any of its integrations doesnโ€™t track you or transfers your data to any server. The uploaded data in the app are stored in your browser only using IndexedDB. The Tableau extension can run in a sandbox environment prohibiting any server requests. However, as soon as you export your session within the app to an external service (e.g., your data will be transferred.

License / Terms of Service

Commercial license

If you want to use Upset.js for a commercial application the commercial license is the appropriate license. Contact @sgratzl for details.

Open-source license

This library is released under the GNU AGPLv3 version to be used for private and academic purposes. In case of a commercial use, please get in touch regarding a commercial license.